Safety Innovations In Modern Cars

Driver and passenger safety is paramount in contemporary car design. In recent years car safety has advanced so rapidly that even a ten year old car lacks the safety features that are now standard in most modern vehicles. The best place to find out all the details is at your local car dealership, as the sales people use the safety devices as a major selling point.

There are varying extremes of safety innovations in different models and makes of cars. High end cars possess more luxurious safety features while family orientated cars possess a different safety configuration all together, to protect the size and amount of people in the car.

Certain car manufacturers pride themselves on superior safety features. Famed safe car makers Volvo have built a reputation on being the safest cars on the road and are at the forefront of innovative car safety design. Their revolutionary pedestrian avoidance system is praised as being the prototype to the future of car safety. By creating a night vision based system built into the car, the vehicle’s main computer system can detect pedestrians in low light that are in danger of entering the path of your vehicle, essentially seeing them before an accident occurs.

Even ‘standard’ features like airbags are being advanced to be more effective. Fifteen years ago airbags were a luxury feature of cars however today it is a legal requirement that cars come fitted with airbags, and most consumers are demanding curtain airbags be installed (if not already) for added safety.

Despite brakes being a main necessity in all vehicles since the inception of the motor vehicle, it is astounding to the lengths of which they have evolved. Cars manufactured today come equipped with ABS brakes, disc brakes, power assist brakes, emergency brakes and anti-lock brakes all of which serve their purpose to stop your vehicle in time and without spinning out. The anti-lock brake system is specifically designed to allow you to brake the car hard without fish-tailing or spinning out of control, making stopping in a hurry safer.

High end cars and most family cars these days come fully equipped with reverse parking sensors and rear vision cameras, to make reversing and driveway navigation safer in the presence of small children or passing pedestrians. Providing an extra eye at the back of the car and showing the driver a clear view of what is behind them, the number of driveway accidents, including child injury or fatalities has diminished noticeably thanks to the innovation of rear vision cameras and rear parking sensors.

Making your vehicle safer in adverse weather conditions is also high on car manufacturers’ priority list. The design and evolution of vehicle stability control means that if you need to brake in wet weather you can do so as the stability control minimises the car tyre/wheel spin by deploying throttle control, the anti-lock brake and engine timing simultaneously, creating better traction on the road meaning you have greater handling abilities in undesirable terrain or weather conditions.

The best way to safeguard yourself and your family is to avoid accidents all together however sometimes the unfortunate can occur, which is why car manufacturers have gone above and beyond to create more dynamic, innovative and protective measures to save the lives and defend the wellbeing of the occupants of the car as well as those surrounding the vehicle.

Find out more about car and motor vehicle advice and how you can save on cheap car insurance by driving a vehicle which utilizes modern vehicle safety innovations.

Your family is the most precious cargo you will ever transport in your car, and ensuring their safety is something that should never be compromised. Staying safe on the roads while your family is in the car is something that should be second nature, however a lot of the time, short cuts are made and risks are taken that can have dangerous ramifications.

Tips for staying safe on the road vary for families as opposed to young single drivers, as you don’t have only yourself to worry about but the safety of your children and/or partner. There are many different ways you can ensure the safety of your family while driving, all of which have their benefits in maintaining road safety for other drivers as well.

First and foremost it is important to educate your family on the importance of road safety, so children know that driving is not something they should interfere with or take for granted. Educating children on the importance of road safety is imperative in their co-operation while in the car. Children are very excitable and often unclip their seatbelts while in the car as they want to move around and see all that the changing landscape offers, however educating them on the importance of passenger safety is a major necessity in keeping all passengers safe.

To further ensure the safety of your family while driving, make sure your vehicle is equipped with all the necessary safety functions, such as seat belt restraints. If you have young children, ensuring a child car seat is safely and securely fitted to your back seat is important in protecting young ones while driving. For older children, making sure you have either a booster seat so the regular seat belt restraints fit properly, or a larger child safety seat implemented in the rear passenger seat is key in comfortably and securely protecting children while driving.

Another important aspect of car safety for your family is maintaining the condition of your vehicle. Making sure your car is always equipped with the right tyres is important as your tyres provide the stability and grip on the road surface. Never let your tyres bald as this will lead to reduced traction on the road, meaning your car is susceptible to sliding and will not stop in time if you need to brake suddenly.  Maintaining the condition of all engine parts is also important in maintaining your on road safety, as if one engine part is not functioning correctly it can affect the efficiency of other motor parts leading to an overall dysfunction of your engine.

Obviously, always adhering to the road rules and obeying the speed limits, as well as generally cautious driving is the best way to keep your family safe at all times while on the road. Things like using your mobile phone are very distracting and can have enormous effects on your family’s safety, the same way speeding is a dangerous activity. Adhering to the signed speed limits in all areas is imperative. Speed limits have been carefully concluded by professionals as the safest speed in that particular area, so making sure you obey the limits is an important aspect of keeping your family safe while driving. Driving to the signed limits is part of driving to the conditions, meaning you respect the road conditions in that particular area so navigate them with the outlined caution.

Driving to the conditions is imperative in keeping your family safe while on the road. Taking note of the speed limits and driving in accordance with the weather conditions play a huge role in making sure your driving is safe and reliable. This, mixed with passenger education, cautious and responsible driving and making sure your vehicle is fitted with the necessary restraints and the vehicle is in optimum road condition are all imperative in keeping your family safe on the road.

For more information about keeping your family safe on the road visit Family Car Insurance Advice and Cars Tips and Advice.

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